Sunday 31st August 2014 

People entered the classroom, and while waiting, spontaneously picked up the objects we’ve laid on the table, and started playing them. Suddenly, each corner of the London Hackspace Classroom was filled with the echoing sound waves of mbira, bowls, and the percussive rhythms of the tables and metal bits. It was truly surreal, and rather entertaining to witness.

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Sunday 27th July

Sunday 27th July 2014 Meetup

This Sunday was very special here at Acoustic London. We met Tom Fox from Vulpestruments, who shared with us his wonderful and rather ingenious creations. Click here to see all the videos, and hear all the sounds!

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Last Sunday of each month. So next one is on:

Sun 28th September 2014 7pm at The London Hackspace


- The usual show and tell. If you’re coming down, we welcome work in progress, introductions and discussions about a topic that has been boggling your mind. It is most probably you’ll find someone around the hackspace (if not among us) with knowledge of this subject.

- More points of discussion and possible guest will be up soon!

- Have a look at the Music Hackspace announcement from last meetup here!.

Any queries, please email:

Sun 25th May 2014 

Last meeting on Sun 25th marks one of our most successful meetings yet. It was overwhelming to witness such great attendance, with such a variety of people from different practices, ranging from visual artists and musicians to engineers and product designers. Below is an excerpt of the discussions that took place.

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